Comprehensive content/development and line edit

For $0.012 per word I will complete a first round of comprehensive content/development and line edits. I work with track changes on at all times and make comments, notes, and corrections where necessary. I look at plot, story and character development, word building, dialogue, pacing, point of view, redundancy, continuity and consistency, sentence structure, as well as check grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

For $0.002 per word I can do a second round of content/ development edits to check any additions, changes, or corrections that might have been necessary after that first round. This is especially useful if that first round raises issues and significant changes or additions were made to the book. This second round is only offered if I was the editor who did your first round.

Copy Edits

For $0.008 per word I offer a single round of copy edits. This is a last chance for an extra pair of eyes to go over your book before publication. Here I look at grammar, punctuation, and spelling. I check there are not inconsistencies, repetition, or ambiguity.

If it becomes clear early on that the book requires more than a copy edit, I will contact you to discuss options.

Critique services

For $0.005 per word, I will read your story and provide you with a detailed critique regarding what I think is currently working in the manuscript and what aspects I feel need more attention. I will focus on details like at plot, character development, dialogue, pacing, and point of view. If needed, I can also brainstorm possible solutions.

The small print:

I use Word’s “word count” and invoice for the size of the book when it arrives for edits.

All edits are done using MS Word and manuscripts need to be submitted as a Word document.

Fifty percent of the total fee is payable when the book arrives for edits. Once I have started an edit, no refunds will be issued. The remaining portion is due when edits are completed, before you receive the document.

I use Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster and make all corrections/suggestions according to the latest editions.

I accept checks and payment via Paypal. PayPal charges a fee for all business transactions. These are the author’s responsibility and will be added to the total of the invoice.

My availability is limited and based on my schedule.

I cannot guarantee that using my editorial services will result in an offer of representation from an agent or a contract from a publisher, and I do recommend using a proofreader/copy editor after content/development and line edits with me if you are self-publishing.

If you are interested in any of the services mentioned above or have any questions, please email me at